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My Quest to imPRESS- imPRESSive Juice Bar Founder, Delisea Jackson


Eating on the run every day can be terrible for your body, even worse when you take a trip out of town. No stove and those tiny refrigerators are a recipe for disaster. I was in New York City on a work trip, which is the Mecca of eating on the run. With my eating habits at an all-time low, my stomach declared its disappointment with me loud and clear. I was extremely bloated and feeling blah, so eventually, I came to my good senses and decided to stop pushing down junk food and try a juice cleanse.

impressive juice bar (4).png

I'd heard of juice cleanses and had never tried one, but I knew I'd have to try something since I hit rock bottom. Desperation turned to curiosity which led to tons of research about the health benefits of various vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. I then performed a three-day nine-juice detox. I even recruited a few friends to join in, and after the third day, our bodies felt terrific! I'd bragged so much about how good I felt that other friends asked me to make juices for their detox.


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We at imPRESSive Juice Bar exist to provide quality organic cold-pressed juice while delivering an easy way to make a healthy choice. It brings us great joy to see customers pleased with imPRESSive's fresh taste and the detoxifying effect provided by the replenishing nutrients we place in every bottle. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring an imPRESSive taste from the first sip to the last.

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